Interview Orthopaedics

July 2017


Shock wave acupuncture: benefits and treatment successes

Interview with Dr Heinrich Everke about benefits, treatment successes and cost efficiency of shock wave acupuncture. With two case studies.

Stoßwelle der Wahl

May 2017


"Shock wave of choice": focused or radial?

Radial or focused shock wave therapy? Prof Karsten Knobloch and Dr Ulrich Dreisilker explain the advantages offered by the two technologies – and by their combination.

Dr Oliver Miltner

April 2017


Shock wave therapy in the heart of Berlin

Interview with Dr Oliver Miltner about the significance of shock wave therapy (specifically for treating athletes), Berlin’s competitive environment, and profitability. With an additional case study.

February 2016


Complementary Technologies for Shock Wave Therapy

Interview with Jens Lundgren, Doctor of »Naprapathic manual medicine«, about the advantages of different complementary technologies such as integrated diagnostic ultrasound, vibration and vacuum therapy – with an additional case report. 

December 2015


Interview: RSWT in sports medicine and high-level sport

Interview with orthopaedist and sports physician Dr Michael Lehnert about the use of radial shock wave therapy in sports medicine and its advantages, specifically for treating top-level athletes.


Quo vadis, Shock Wave Therapy?

August 2015


Interview: Quo vadis, Shock Wave Therapy?

Where is shock wave therapy going? What are the long-term trends and challenges?


May 2015


Interview: Dr Stephan Swart and Dr Carlo Di Maio

Shock Wave Practice Today - What it Comes Down To


December 2014


Interview Bert Evers

ESWT in physiotherapy and rehabilitation

October 2014


Interview Prof. Heinz Lohrer

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) in Competitive Sports

August 2014


Interview Dr Ulrich Piontkowski

Shock Waves in Fascial Therapy

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