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“Shock Wave Therapy in Practice" informs physicians and therapists about all aspects of shock wave therapy. It is aimed at beginners and advanced users in the fields of orthopaedics, urology, dermatology and neurology.

Orthopaedics            November 2018

SWT of degenerative tendinopathy with intratendinous tears

Dr Nikolaos Barotsis presents a case report showcasing the success which can be achieved with combined focused shock wave and radial pressure wave treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis, commonly known as “tennis elbow”.


Congresses and Conferences 2019

22nd Congress (ISMST)
Mai 23-26, 2019
Beijing, PR China


News                              Oktober 2018

ESWT treatment of “mouse arm syndrome”

People who work extensively with their PC mouse can develop pain at the outside of the elbow. A recent German TV report explained this so-called “mouse arm syndrome” and presented non-surgical treatment methods such as ESWT.

Orthopaedics            September 2018

ESWT in tissue regeneration – skeletal muscle as a new target

Angela Zissler from the University of Salzburg, Austria, writes about the effectiveness of ESWT in the treatment of skeletal muscle injury.

Report                         August 2018

21st International Shockwave Congress of the ISMST in Auckland, New Zealand 

Latest updates and news from the annual ISMST meeting reported by Karsten Knobloch.


Dermatology                         July 2018

ESWT and diabetic foot ulcers

A comprehensive article by Sune Møller Jeppesen und Prof. Dr. Lars Lund about extracorporeal shock wave treatment and diabetic foot ulcers.


News                  June 2018 

New release: „ESWT in Aesthetic Medicine, Burns & Dermatology"

“ESWT in Aesthetic Medicine, Burns & Dermatology”, a new book by DIGEST president Prof. Karsten Knobloch, will be released by LEVEL10 in July 2018.


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