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“Shock Wave Therapy in Practice" informs physicians and therapists about all aspects of shock wave therapy. It is aimed at beginners and advanced users in the fields of orthopaedics, urology, dermatology and neurology.

Orthopaedics              January 2018 

ESWT: An additional treatment option for calcaneal spur / plantar fasciitis

Dr Klaus Hornig reports how an additional positive effect can be achieved in the treatment of a plantar calcaneal spur / plantar fasciitis.






Congresses and Conferences 2018

Conferences for 2018 will be announced soon!


Research                   January 2018 

ESWT for medial tibial stress syndrome

A new study investigates whether one session of focused ESWT is effective in the treatment of military cadets with medial tibial stress syndrome.






Research               December 2017 

ESWT in the treatment of burn scar pruritus

A new study concludes that extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) can significantly reduce burn-associated pruritus.

Neurology               November 2017 

The role of ESWT in the management of spasticity

Dr Yoon from Singapore reports on his successful radial shock wave treatments of patients with spasticity.

Research             October 2017 

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): radial shock waves effective as well

A new study evaluates the efficacy of radial shock wave therapy for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Orthopaedics           September 2017 

Treatment of a pulled lateral quadriceps muscle

Corry Ullrich reports about the successful therapy of a pulled lateral quadriceps muscle from skateboarding by using a combination of fascial treatment with radial shock waves and floss band.


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