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“Shock Wave Therapy in Practice" informs physicians and therapists about all aspects of shock wave therapy. It is aimed at beginners and advanced users in the fields of orthopaedics, urology, dermatology and neurology.

Stoßwelle der Wahl
ORTHOPAEDICS                    May 2017 

“Shock wave of choice”: focused or radial?

Radial or focused shock wave therapy? Prof Karsten Knobloch and Dr Ulrich Dreisilker explain the advantages offered by the two technologies – and by their combination.


Congresses and Conferences 2017

28 May 2017
Seoul, Korea

10 June 2017
Nicosia, Cyprus


ORTHOPAEDICS                    May 2017 

RSWT for infrahyoid muscle tension

Dr Ulrike Aussem from Kronberg reports on her success in treating infrahyoid muscle tension with radial shock waves.

NEWS                        May 2017 

SHOCK WAVE UK: conference lectures online

In October 2016, the SHOCK WAVE UK Conference took place in London. The participants discussed current trends and future perspectives of shock wave therapy. Some of the excellent lectures are now available on YouTube.

Dr Oliver Miltner
ORTHOPAEDICS                    April 2017 

Shock wave therapy in the heart of Berlin

Interview with Dr Oliver Miltner about the significance of shock wave therapy (specifically for treating athletes), Berlin’s competitive environment, and profitability. With an additional case study.

NEWS                   April 2017 

New handbook: “Fascia treatment with shock waves”

Soon available: a new handbook introduces physicians and therapists to “Fascia treatment with shock waves”.


Behandlung mit fokussierten Stoßwellen
ORTHOPAEDICS                    March 2017 

Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder (frozen shoulder)

Dr Thomas Engelhardt, Frankfurt and Nidderau, Germany, presents a case study showcasing the success which can be achieved with ESWT even in difficult conditions with long healing times or a poor healing prognosis.



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